Casa della Zia


    Custom Umbrian Adventures


  • A Custom, Authentic, Italian Getaway

    Get away to a Vallo di Nera, a Medieval Italian village, with your small group.


    Just two hours north of Rome, Vallo di Nera is surrounded by forested hills of the Italian countryside. A step back in time, the stone walled fortress has secreted away artisans, cafes and artwork that your personal Italian-American guide, Jessica Vecchione, will lead you to during your retreat.


    Guests stay with Jessica in her private home in the center of the village. From this home base, each group customizes their Italian experience with tours, excursions, activities, and more based on the group's interests. Each group is different and experiences are fully customized to your group's wants, needs, desires, and budget.

  • Buon Giorno

    A glimpse into the wonders that await you...

  • Stay in Umbria

    A historic getaway customized to your group's needs.


    It's no secret that Italy has incredible artisan food around every corner, and we know where to find the hidden cheese caves, best cafes, and most exclusive restaurants that you've never heard of overlooking the Italian countryside. Our guests also get to experience a variety of shopping experiences to satisfy the Epicurean palate and gather unique, memorable, edible souvenirs.


    Casa della Zia is located in Vallo di Nera, Umbria, the heart of old-world Italy. Less than two hours north of Rome and less than three hours south of Florence, Casa della Zia is a quiet, green oasis away from the bustling crowds. The area holds several medieval, walled villages perched atop mountains overlooking the forested valleys and olive groves, providing breathtaking and inspiring vistas.



    Modern day life is demanding, from work to family to social obliations plus everything else that gets piled on top. Sometimes the only way to relax is to truly get away from it all and hideaway in an Italian hilltop village for a while. Our packages are fully customizable, including our small group yoga retreat which is designed to help guests unwind, breathe, and return renewed and calm. Whether you want your Italian trip to be a full itinerary, or light on the to-dos, we work with you to optimize your experience.



    Immerse yourself in the history of the Italian countryside. Casa della Zia is a home fitted snugly into the jigsaw puzzle of Vallo di Nera, built in the mid 1500s. Centered around the castle of Vallo and four churches from the 12th-15th centuries, it feels as if you are traveling back in time as you walk the stone streets surrounded by fortress walls and stone homes. Nearby villages each have their own unique history to tell, with museums, art, and artisans that continue to flourish amidst the Roman infrastructure.

  • Your Home Away From Home