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    Casa della Zia is one-of-a-kind because we tailor your itinerary to your group's needs and wants. We welcome small groups, 2-20 people, for immersive stays in Casa della Zia, Vallo di Nera. Past and upcoming itineraries have included yoga, art, Italian heritage quests, and of course - eating! We travel to nearby villages and towns for day trips, and can also include city trips such as Rome. Guests stay in Casa della Zia, a comfortable, private home owned by Italian-American, Jessica Vecchione.


    Custom itineraries can be created around whatever interests your group:

    • Art - create art in situ, art history, museums, galleries, architecture, literature
    • Health - yoga, meditation, spa
    • Spiritual - Medieval churches, holiday celebrations, festivals
    • Family - reunions, getaways, relationship building, discovering your Italian heritage
    • Food - eating, drinking, agriculture, artisans, demonstrations
    • Friends - bridal parties, vacation, deepening relationships
    • Romance - weddings, proposals, honeymoons, reconnection
    • Shopping - food, drink, fashion, art, antiques
    • Outdoors - hiking, fishing, rock climbing, canyoning, whitewater rafting, cycling
    • Events - festivals, music, wineries, performances, parades, shows
    • History - ancient architecture and art, literature, language, geography
    • Travel - visit other locations with Casa della Zia as home base
    • Pure relaxation - no extra traveling, relax in Casa della Zia and Vallo di Nera

    We welcome your group's interests. Please reach out to explore options.


    Each trip's cost is as customizable as the itinerary. We work with your budget to provide a memorable trip.

  • Itinerary Inspiration

    past and upcoming trips to inspire

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    Lisbeth Firmin's

    One Week Urban Landscape Painting Class in a Medieval Walled Town in Umbria - Casa Della Zia, Vallo di Nera


    Renowned artist Lisbeth Firmin's daily painting classes will be combined with cultural tours and historical sites, with ample time for personal exploration and relaxation.


    A trip highlight includes a day at Il Casale La Lecceta for painting sessions and locally-sourced dishes prepared by a five-star chef.

    Candace Rudd's

    Twisted Sister Yoga Retreat


    Candace Rudd brought her Catskills-based Twisted Sister Yoga to Casa della Zia for a much-needed retreat focused on unwinding, rejuvenating, and female bonding.


    Trip highlights included rooftop yoga overlooking the rolling hills of Umbria and artistic expression using natural objects.


    Itinerary coming soon.

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    Discover the Ancient Duchy of Spoleto

    Guided by Casa della Zia's Jessica Vecchione

    La padrona di casa, Jessica Vecchione, will take you to all of her favorite spots, many off the beaten path, in Vallo di Nera and its neighboring town, Spoleto.


    Trip highlights for your private group include a tour and demonstration of traditional cheesemaking, and an authentic Italian dinner served in a lovely Italian stone home.


    Itinerary coming soon.

    Day Trips

    options for exploration beyond the walls of Vallo di Nera

    A Culinary Escape to La Lecceta - Ponte Fonnaia

    Bask in the tranquility of La Lecceta, your quintessential Umbrian retreat where Daniella invites you to a feast of the senses. In the embrace of lush hills, your gastronomic odyssey commences with a welcoming spread: seasoned sausage skewers and bresaola bundles, teasing the palate with a harmony of arugula and parmesan. Golden oil from La Lecceta’s own groves graces the bruschetta, while the pizza with cheese and capocollo unveils the heart of Italian indulgence, countered by the sweet lull of ricotta mixed with honey and estate jam.


    The toll of the lunch bell reveals a spread that celebrates Umbria's verdant gifts: crispy fried onion and zucchini with sage, and Castelluccian lentils with sausage that bring forth the essence of the land. The succulence of lamb cutlet, the refreshing duet of melon and prosciutto, and a carousel of rustic pizzas serve as a prelude to the heartier courses.


    Pasta takes center stage with strozzapreti entwined with guanciale, amidst the rusticity of broad beans, pecorino, and wild fennel. Handcrafted ravioli, swathed in butter and sage, whisper of generational culinary lore.


    As shadows lengthen, roasted lamb, chicken, and potatoes, each a testament to our culinary heritage, are served. Dessert unfolds with a homemade crostata tart and tozzetti cookies, sweet epilogues that pair divinely with our rich coffee.


    Wine and liqueurs, selected with care, escort each dish, culminating in coffee as deep and inviting as the evening sky.


    La Lecceta isn't just a meal; it's an immersive journey through tradition and taste, an intimate dialogue between the diner and the rich tapestry of Italian life. Welcome, not just to a meal, but to an experience that will linger long after the last morsel is savored. Welcome to La Lecceta.

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