• La Lecceta

    rustic charm and rich flavors of traditional Italian cuisine









  • Mangiare

    an immersive journey through tradition and taste

    Imagine a serene afternoon at La Lecceta, a picturesque Italian Casale (farmhouse) nestled in the verdant heartland of Umbria. Here, amidst the gentle rolling hills, Daniella is waiting to take you on a culinary journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds with the rustic charm and rich flavors of traditional Italian cuisine.


    Your experience begins with a welcome appetizer, a delightful prelude to the meal ahead. Savor the robust flavors of seasoned sausage skewers, perfectly grilled and aromatic. Indulge in delicate bresaola bundles, each morsel paired with the sharpness of parmesan and the peppery notes of fresh arugula. The bruschetta, crowned with golden farmhouse oil, offers a taste of the estate's own harvest. And for a touch of indulgence, pizza with cheese and capocollo presents a delectable fusion of flavors, while a creamy ricotta with honey and homemade jam is a sweet whisper of the countryside's bounty.


    As the lunch bell chimes, the lunch appetizers are unveiled. The fried onion and zucchini with sage is a crisp celebration of the garden's harvest, while the lentils, from nearby Castelluccio, with sausage echo the rustic simplicity of Italian peasant fare. The lamb cutlet, succulent and tender, pays homage to the local pastoral traditions. Melon and prosciutto, a timeless Italian duo, offer a refreshing interlude, while an assortment of rustic pizzas showcase the versatility of this beloved appetizer.


    With palates awakened, the first course presents a trio of Italian classics. Strozzapreti with guanciale is a playful dance of pasta and cured pork, enriched with the earthy undertones of broad beans, pecorino cheese, and wild fennel. The ravioli, delicate parcels bathed in butter and sage, are a testament to the art of pasta-making that has been passed down through generations.


    As the afternoon sun casts its golden hue over La Lecceta, the second course is served. Roasted lamb, chicken, and potatoes arrive, each element roasted to perfection, their flavors a reminder of the timeless Italian hearth.


    The culinary voyage culminates with dessert - a homemade crostata tart, its pastry flaky and filling sweet, whispers stories of Italian grandmothers and their treasured recipes. The tozzetti cookies, perfect with a sip of coffee, offer a delightful crunch that echoes in the quietude of the Umbrian countryside.


    Throughout this epicurean journey, a curated selection of wine and liqueurs accompanies each course, their bouquets and essences carefully chosen to complement the menu. And as the afternoon wanes, coffee is served, a final note to linger on, rich and dark as the Italian air.


    At La Lecceta, every dish is more than a meal; it's an immersive experience, a celebration of the land, tradition, and the simple joys of Italian life. Here, each bite tells a story, and every flavor is a memory in the making. Welcome to a feast for the senses, welcome to La Lecceta.

  • Antipasto di Benvenuto

    • Seasoned sausage skewers
    • Bresaola bundles with parmesan and arugula
    • Bruschetta with farmhouse oil
    • Pizza with cheese and capocollo
    • Ricotta with honey and homemade jam

    Antipasto del Pranzo

    • Fried onion and zucchini with sage
    • Lentils from Castelluccio with sausage
    • Lamb cutlet
    • Melon and prosciutto
    • Assortment of rustic pizzas

    Primo Corso

    • Strozzapreti (pasta) with guanciale (pig jowls)
    • Broad beans, pecorino cheese and wild fennel
    • Ravioli with butter and sage


    Secondo corso

    • Roasted lamb, chicken and potatoes
  • Dolce

    • Homemade crostata tart
    • Tozzetti cookies


    • Wine
    • Liqueurs
    • Coffee
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